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today I want to share a very nice plugin made by Tamaroth, called IDA2Latex. As many researchers I do have the problem of converting “IDA codes” (in other words, what IDA disassembles ) into Latex source code to print out a nice paper. I always used screenshots and then applied the resulted PNG (JPEG or PDF) images in the documents, but I hadn’t perfect results. Indeed, the  resolution (especially on the printed versions of the papers) was pretty poor and it was pretty hard to read. Today thanks to IDA2LateX everything is better. Following the result:

From IDA by using the plugin you can save a .tex file like this one:

Once compiled it becomes :

Which is great ! Acoording to Tamaroh the plugin is is still a little bit bugged (it’s on its first release), but I am confident in seeing it pretty soon in a stable version. Now I am just waiting for something like that applied to Blogs 😀 …. specially for blogger  …. 

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