A very interesting project founded by Microsoft measures your browser security. It is called  your browser matters and analyzes IExplorer, Firefox and Chrome basing on 4 macro categories of attacks: 

  1. Dangerous Downloads
  2. Phishing Websites
  3. Attacks on Browsers
  4. Attacks on Websites
My old Firefox got reasonably quite low score (1.5 out of 4):

And if you want you can see what’s the average of the browsers score.  It really surprised me:

Well, well, well a project founded by Microsoft which says that Internet Explorer is way long more safe (4 out of 4) then Google Chrome (2.5 out of 4) and Mozilla Firefox (2 out of 4)? Sound interesting, doesn’t it ?  Anyway, I really would like to investigate how these tests have been chosen, for example why these tests and not others ? What about the “attack on your browser” section ? What attacks have been implemented ?How do they test them ? I actually have many more questions for them. BUT, beside my questions I do agree that it’s a nice place where users can get a first security check. I bookmarked it, let’s see if they will release some source code in the future 😉 .

PS: Many Thanks to Wouter Rogiest for the typo in the title and in the body 😉

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