Hi Folks,
in the past days I have been traveling a lot and I needed a specific security feedreader for my mobile device. I have an iPhone and while I was looking into the APP-Store I was unable to find a free security specific feed reader, I got the chance to find out only generic feed readers and most of all were not for free. So I decided to build one Security specific reader and,  exploiting the new SDK feature (distributing it without the need of the APP-Store), I decide to put it freely available from this post.
The following screenshots show how the reader woks: Just type on it and it will load security feeds from most of the well-known security web sites. It is extremely easy to use and simple. You won’t have any kind of options and no configurations are needed (only Internet is needed). The goal of this very very simple project is to have a “Tap-and-GO” security reader, nothing more nothing less.
If you have your own feed to put on it please feel free to contact me, I’ll release some upgrade from time to time, depending of your appreciation. The file you are going to download is a classic IPA file.To install it just use your iTunes ;).
Download !
Have fun !

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