Today I want to spend a little bit of time pointing out an important concept of computer security: the Education. I want literally cite the Security and Privacy’s Guest Editors’ introduction on what is education, what is the difference between training and education and why is so important on computer security .

As technology creators, providers, and users, we must answer significant questions to address these problems, for example:

How can we help individuals be good cybercitizens ? In particular, how can we give them a clear understanding of both cybersecurity issues and how their personal choices affect cybersecurity?

Can building an effective cyberworkforce help users understand their responsibilities online and with computer-based technologies ?


Some People are still thinking on why computer security is such an important topic, or why there is the need of having security online, or even worst, people who say they “don’t believe on computer security” (whatever it means)… Well , I believe this Guest Ednitor’s introduction should be a mandatory readying for every student and even for every “security skeptical ” around the globe. It explains by using simple concepts and practical examples why computer security is such an important topic in the current world and why security education is even more important since could affect citizen behaviors.


Another great lesson comes from the distinction between education and training. Training refers to learning concrete skills for meeting specific, real-life goals in a clearly understood situation. By contrast, education focuses on understanding and knowledge, learners can associate principles and concepts, apply them to solve a variety of new problems, and evaluate those solutions’ effectiveness .

This is another huge and quite delicate topic: training, often represented by private companies and private sectors VS educating, often represented by Universities and the entire academic world . Those two entities often in totally disagreement between them, share one of the most important topic related to computer security.

I do finally suggest this reading, even if it’s not a technical one it offers great cornerstones to fully understand security education and security training: when they should occur, when and where one is the most useful an when and where the other one is needed.


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  1. The PTLLS Course is for new comers to the Lifelong Learning Sector – This means you don’t have to have any previous teaching qualifications or experience. The qualification is also ideal for people who already work in the industry but want to obtain an official qualification.

  2. This given information is nice because people always want to get knowledge of computer security and this blog gives good training education on security.

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