Today I’d like to share a nice article on immortality written by Marcelo Gleiser. I know it’s quite a bit out of topic for my blog, but it is worthy. The article presents a great theory on immortality based on Internet. I extracted few sentences to sum up the theory :

[…] Apart from gene transmission — not very satisfying from an emotional perspective and diluted with every generation — we could say that you existed so long as someone remembered you.
That’s not true any more. Something of you now exists so long as electrons course through the wires of any person’s computer in the world. It’s quite a thought to recognize that we have a new kind of immortality to share. It should raise our collective awareness of how we’d want to be remembered. The words and pictures will remain, long after we are gone, for anyone who cares to look for them. […]

Hope you enjoy it as I did. It made me think about how the immorality concept has radically changed during the past decade and with it all the life has been changing since the information became shared.

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