During talks and presentations people often ask me how do I remember so many names, different “artifacts” (a.k.a Malware) and groups. I actually ended up with a “hemmm … well… actually I just remember them since I read and write a lot about cyber threats”. So here it comes the Malware Family CheatSheet. This work does not pretend to be original, it’s just my contribution to people who wants to remember Malware families and their classification.

The CheatSheet is divided into 8 clusters: Loader Family, BOT Family, RAT Family, STEALER Family, Keylogger Family, Rootkit Family, Command and Control Family and Wiper Family. For each cluster are reported the main observed Malware during 2022. Feel free to share it with you network if you find useful.

Data extracted from Cyber Threat Intelligence Repository (available for free HERE).

TOP Malware Families