Info Stealing: a new operation in the wild

Attack attribution is always a very hard work. False Flags, Code Reuse and Spaghetti Code  makes impossible to assert “This attack belongs to X”. Indeed nowadays makes more sense talking about Attribution Probability rather then Attribution by itself. “This attack belongs to X with 65% of attribution probability” it would be a correct sentence. I […]

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Unprotecting VBS Password Protected Office Files

Hi folks, today I’d like to share a nice trick to unprotect password protected VB scripts into Office files. Nowadays it’s easy to find out malicious contents wrapped into OLE files since such a file format has the capability to link objects into documents and viceversa. An object could be a simple external link, a […]

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Advanced ‘all in memory’ CryptoWorm

Introduction. Today I want to share a nice Malware analysis having an interesting flow. The “interesting” adjective comes from the abilities the given sample owns. Capabilities of exploiting, hard obfuscations and usage of advanced techniques to steal credentials and run commands.  The analyzed sample has been provided by a colleague of mine (Alessandro) who received […]

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TOPransom: From eMail Attachment to Powning the Attacker’s Database

Hi folks, today I want to share a quick but intensive experience in fighting cybercrime. I wish you would appreciate the entire process from getting an email attachment to powning the ransom server trying to stop the infection and to alert everybody about the found threats. As a second step I would try to identify […]

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False Flag Attack on Multi Stage Delivery of Malware to Italian Organisations

Everything started from a well edited Italian language email (given to me from a colleague of mine, thank you Luca!) reaching out many Italian companies. The Italian language email had a weird attachment: ordine_065.js (it would be “Order Form” in English) which appeared “quite malicious” to me. By editing the .js attachment it becomes clear that […]

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