Looking For Caves in Windows Executables

Most of my readeres exactly know what code caves are while many other people out there (maybe occasional readers) could wonder why I am writing about codecaves in 2016 since it is a well know technique (published in 2006) to inject a malicious payload inside Windows Portable Executables. Well, today I want to disclouse a […]

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Spotting Malicious Node Relays

TOR is a well known “software” able to protect communications dispatching packets between different relays spread over the world run by a network of volunteers. Because the high rate of anonymity TOR has been used over the past years to cover malicious actions by physical and cyber attackers. TOR, especially through its browser implementation (the […]

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SandBoxes personal evaluations

Understanding the “sandbox” technology is a fundamental step in Malware prevention. While it is obvious the new evasion techniques such as (but not limited to); Malware Encryption, Malware Packing, Metamorphism and Polimorfism are able to evade romantic defensive technologies such as (but not limited to) AntiVirus, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, URL Filtering and Proxy, […]

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MalwareStats.org: New "Speed" and New Samples Available now.

Hello everybody, today is about speed improvements and new malware samples in malwarestats.org. If you followed the MalwareStats.org genesys you might remeber the early stage development where took between 8 to 10 minutes to visualize statistics over 43k Malware Analysis. Today it runs much better alost 15 seconds to visualize 76.2K Malware Analysis (ok, I […]

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Shifu: A new interesting Banking Trojan

Hello everybody, today I’d like to share some infos on “Shifu” a new incredibly interesting banking trojan. At this point you might think: “Why are you writing about Shifu among many other new threats (even more discussed)  out there ? “ Well… Shifu is a new banking trojan which actually attacks Japanese banks mostly,  it’s […]

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Exploit Kits on August 2015

Often people, including students and security professionals asks me about Exploit kits (EK). EKs play a foundamental role in todays malware propagation because developed to deliver content through vulnerabilities. Aims of the EK is to exploit a target client machine through well known or sometimes “less known” vulnerabilities which usually target browsers, Java Runtime Environment, […]

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