Nice Way To Evade Dynamic Analysis

One of the most important rules in building dynamic analysis environments is to avoid internet connection by the “potential malicious code”. Indeed the “potential malicious code” would try to exploit the analysis system per se if an internet connection is available. To respect this basic rule, when a sandboxed code tries to open an internet […]

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Cyber Intelligence abusing Internet Explorer to perform Targeted Attacks

A “mandatory” step to achieve a complete and successful targeted attack is the so called: “Cyber Intelligence Phase”. By definition every targeted attack owns at leeast one specific characteristic which makes it perfectly fit for a given target. As you might want agree, one of the most important activities on develping a targeted attack is […]

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Say Hello to MalControl: Malware Control Monitor

Gathering open data from malware analysis websites is the main target of Malware Control Monitor project. Visualize such a data by synthesize statistics highlighting where threats happen and what their impact is, could be useful to identify malware propagations.   Open Data: We actually scrape the following services: malwr  phishtank  urlquery  virscan  webinspector  If you […]

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