Today I have the pleasure to lead as a CEO one of the most innovative and talented cybersecurity team: Yoroi. Yoroi focuses on defence its customers as its single purpose, with no compromise. In Yoroi we developed as Cyber Security Analysts an unique platform called Cyber Security Defence Center which empowers analysis. Yoroi takes care about its Cyber Warriors and everybody believes that defence belongs to humans !

Today I am glad to serve as co-founder and member board of directors Simplenetworks. Solving “complex” problems through “simple” technologies is the main road to innovation. Having systems designed to simplify complexity in the daily life is digital transformation. My goal is to drive as a board member simple technologies into complex problems to improve our digital transformation. In Simplenetworks everybody knows that “simple is not easy” (#simpleisnoteasy).

Today I am glad to serve as member board of directors Cybaze SpA. Cybaze is one of the biggest cybersecurity Italian companies entirely focused on adaptive cyber security. Cybaze SpA has been built-up in 2018/2019 by acquiring some of the most promising cybersecurity Italian companies in order to make the first Italian player. I run as board member strategies and focuses on sales, investments and new technologies evaluations.