What hackers do when they have too much time on their hands? Beats Of Boredom!One of the inner most basic hacker characteristic is the ability to take unrelated things and convert them into a perfectly balanced mix. Of Boredom from adam deeves on Vimeo.


HttpBee. An interesting project.

HTTPBee is a swiss-army-knife tool for web application hacking testing. Multi-threaded high-performance tool with a scripting engine and agent-like behavior support. The way httpbee’s scripting engine is implemented is relevant to httpbee architecture itself. Httpbee maintains a pool of threads that it uses for parallel task execution. Therefore execution of httpbee scripts is not linear. […]

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JING project

Some time I need video or picture tools able to record mouse movements or desktop actions. For instance during my first RoboAdmin movies I’ve needed something to record how RA was answering to users queries. Jing is a well formed project, available for MAC and for WINDOWS in both cases free, that with its nice transparent and […]

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