Automatic Jailbreak For iPhone and iPod Touch

Another incredible way to Jailbreak and to install “installer” on your iPhone/iPodTouch . Right Now you had to follow easy but long guides and you had to pay attention about your movements. Well, actually it’s really easy just open safari and clik on !! Grabbed From Its as easy as opening Safari on […]

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Ant Script

This morning I’ve become crazy to sign a .jar application with automatic tools. At the end I’ve discovered that Ant got this skill and all around me become easier. I put here a really easy example of Ant build.xml with the principals command to sign jar application hoping it could be useful to everybody.

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HttpBee. An interesting project.

HTTPBee is a swiss-army-knife tool for web application hacking testing. Multi-threaded high-performance tool with a scripting engine and agent-like behavior support. The way httpbee’s scripting engine is implemented is relevant to httpbee architecture itself. Httpbee maintains a pool of threads that it uses for parallel task execution. Therefore execution of httpbee scripts is not linear. […]

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