Marco Ramilli is an international cyber security expert, entrepreneur, writer and whitehat hacker. Ramilli received his PhD on Information Communication Technology. During his PhD program he worked for US Government (NIST) where he performed intensive researches on Malware evasion techniques and penetration testing methodologies in order to improve USA electronic voting systems. In 2015 he founded Yoroi: an innovative Managed Cyber Security Service Provider developing one of the most amazing cyber security defence center he has ever experienced. Nowadays Ramilli leads some of the most talented ethical hackers with a unique mission: to defend private and public organisation on digital space. Ramilli strongly strongly believes in the humanity role during this digital age. He often reminds to his credo: “Defence Belongs To Humans“.

Marco is an experienced manager. In his career he managed corporates merger and acquisition, incorporations processes and investment rounds. He also faced many organization moments from starting up to scaling up.

In 1859, Charles Darwin published “The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection”, suggesting that survival depends on the ability to change as environmental conditions change. Ramilli, according with Charles Darwin, introduced the “ability to defend humanity in the cyber space” in his first TEDx Talk (Milan, Italy). Nowadays is quite clear, humanity should defends itself from Physical Space as well as from Cyber Space.

Ramilli deticated a big part of his life to cyber defence.