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I started my Blog back in October 2007 (yep, 12 years ago !) with the simple intent of describing some of my experiences in Cyber Security. At that time it was not so common like today to write about vulnerabilities, “hacking tools” and “information security researches”, but since it was what I was studying during my Master Degree and later on during my PhD I though it was a nice try – to record some of my experiences over the years, like a digital and public “diary”. I was and actually I am not a professional blogger, so I did always blog on my free time, 5-to-9 as many cyber security bloggers out here. I’ve never got interested on traffic, SEO, readers or followers, since my target was to write interesting notes about my experiences and not reaching thousands of people. At some point back to 4/5 years ago I started to receive emails from readers who were asking me information about what I was writing. This made me very curious about who was actually reading what I was posting. So I started to look for Google Analytics and to seek links to my blog, setting up blogs analytics and so forth. Few thousands readers per day… at that time ! Suddenly I realized that what I was writing was interesting for someone around the globe. However I had very hard years in finding the right spot on my daily-life to write: family, out-of-the-net passions, work and so on… but I found the way to stand out my difficulties and to maintain a slow but persistent progression in writing. I think this is one of the main characteristic of this blog, it is showing many years on cybersecurity and it externalizes a cybersecurity guy growth from student to CEO of a mid sized company

Today is one of the TOP 100 Cyber Security Blog according to FeedSpot (according to feeds that are actually pointing to I am so thankful and honored to be in such a list with great and amazing people and magazines.

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In the meantime DigitalGuardian awarded as one of The Top 50 InfoSec Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2019 anticipated only by SecJuice which awarded one of the: Ten Of The Worlds Greatest Cybersecurity Writers, Authors & Bloggers” and BluePencil which awarded one of the: 8 Awesome Infosec and CyberSecurity Blogs in 2018

There are hundreds of InfoSec blogs in the webosphere. Some are clear leaders in the industry, widely regarded as thought leaders and earning recognition from just about everyone in the security field as being among the best of the best. Some started out strong but fizzled out after a few short months, while others have compiled hundreds – thousands, even – of in-depth perspectives on a variety of security topics (from general cyber security to specific topics like data loss prevention (DLP) over the course of nearly a decade.

Nowadays reaches tens of thousands of technical readers per every single day plus few thousands reached by email and ten thousands by feed. It is still a 5-to-9 after-work personal diary as it was more then a decade ago and everything I gain from advertisement goes directly to reduces expensiveness about domain, wordpress fee and dedicated servers fees used for giving to the community the “tools” section (on top right of the current page): honeypot feeds, and Analyzed Sample through Yara rules. If you want to follow one of the best things you can do is to subscribe by email (here a mini guide if you don’t find the subscription button) I am not spamming my readers as you can see from my posting frequency, it’s almost 1 or 2 per month dependently from time to time.

Now it’s time for thanking all of you who reads my pages. Really, thank you very much for reading my few posts and for writing me back for information or even for quick chats. Thank you, I hope to have the opportunity to follow on this path.