Today I wanna share a huge work done during last years, just because traveling a lot it has been very useful, you know WPA2 was the main target, but you can really use it in a lot of different ways. It seems that is very difficult to find a good and free password dictionary around internet, for some of them you have to pay, for some others you need to wait long time on torrents on P2P.. So finally I decided to share my personal one :D, on RapidShare. There still is a lot to do with this huge password dictionary (I’m thinking on optimization and upgrading ), so if someone of you interested in that want to upgrade or to optimize the dictionary I’ll be very glad. If you are planning to modify it, please let me know in such way I’ll upgrade the RapidShare files, having an always upgraded Free Password Dictionary Repository.
Here the link to download the Free Password Dictionary:
Ok, after you downloaded all the zip files in a folder (let’s say DictionaryFolder) you can unify the files, making the HugePasswordDictionary file, simply using the cat command.

cat x* >> MyHugePasswordDictionary.txt

If you wanna use the “MyHugePasswordDictionary.txt” with aircrack-ng, you need to slipt it into little 2MB files. To do that you can simply use the split Unix command like the follow example.

split -b 2m MyHugePasswordDictionary.txt

At the end of the process you’ll find several 2MB files inside your “DictionaryFolder” directory.
Enjoy !

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  1. Tks for your shareing.
    But there ware so many packs on rapidshared to download,Why not make them into a torrent file?

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