Today it’s time of KeyKeriki, an awesome project for wireless keyboard analysis. Written by Remote-Exploit folks, KeyKeriki utilizes an open source hardware to capture wireless keyboard waves.
Here the proof:

About the hardware: Keykeriki is build around the Texas Instruments TRF7900 chip controlled by an ATMEL ATMEGA 8-bit microcontroller. For logging abilities, an SDCard interface is built into the board layout, as well as an additional USART channel for future hardware extensions, that we’d like to call “backpacks”. The whole board can be powered directly via the USB bus or a stable 5V power source. Keykeriki is not USB certified :-).When connected to a USB port, one can use either a decent terminal application or the keyctrl software which is part of included in the software package of this project. One can download all the schematics in Eagle and PDF format as part of the projects software package. The following interfaces are available on the board:

Mini-B USB connector (USB to serial + power supply)
SDCard slot
External Antenna Connector
USART connector for Backpacks

About the Software: Because of the flexible hardware design, most features are built within software. We wanted to provide more than just decoding of the collected data in this initial release, and we have. Please see the following feature list:
Radio frequency channel switching
Signal strenght (RSSI) display
Data logging to SDCard
Dumping content of SDCard to terminal
Encryption key handling
On-the-fly deciphering of Microsoft’s XOR based encryption
Hardware signal filter state configuration
Feature state configuration incl. persistent storage
Activation and usage of backpack USART interface
Sniffing and decoding of keystrokes of Microsoft 27Mhz based keyboards

Yet, another mazing project from remote-exploit folks. Now, anybody knows how to interfacing ARDUINO with TI TRF7900 Texas Instruments ? Are there some boards for that ? I strongly believe that an ARUDINO based hardware would be a great solution to spread you awesome project all around the world, allowing ARDUNIO developers (like me) to upgrade and to expand KeyKeriki . What do you think folks ?

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  1. Well… that's very interessting but honestly i have a hard time figuring it… wonder how others think about this..

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