I believe books can change a live. I do also believe that Artificial Intelligence might change the way we are working, improving, studying and interacting with each other. So why do not fit them together in an unique place ?

Introducing Amazing Books Podcast, the first fully AI generated podcast on amazing books. I do often read books and some of them are just “amazing” in a way they give you concepts, ideas and methods that can really improve the sounds of your live. It would be great having the opportunity to know everything about such a books and to extract their soul as a quick “giveaway”. It would be great to listen to a smart discussions on them and to improve your background thanks to different point of views. This is the aim of the project: to offer to you the possibility to discover concepts and secrets of amazing books. And you know what ? Everything is AI generated, from the Logo to the guest discussions, and this is amazing !

Amazing Book Podcast!

I’ve been developing a full-stack AI based podcast generator. In other words a software who takes care to generate contents (thanks to ChatGPT) on a given book and to build up a 1000 character summary of it. Thanks to Replicate.com it’s able to transform pure concepts in spoken real language and it’s able to wrap everything into a simple ‘.mp3’ file “podcast ready”. I did also developed a python script which impersonates an anchor man and which interviews AI based guests on the given book. The results are just amazing. I did not believe in what was happening. The dialogues where just inflating under my eyes. Host and it’s guests were able to follow on conversations totally without any real-human interaction. I finally decided to publish the results of this experiment on a brand new podcast channel, available here: https://marcoramilli.substack.com/s/amazing-books-podcast.

If you are interested in knowing the main concepts of some of the most amazing books on the planet and wonder about AI generated content, you would definitely subscribe to the new Amazing Book Podcast !

Have fun!